Trelleborg and Wuzheng Show the Advantages of the Radial Technology During Field Demo in China

Trelleborg reveals the results of a field demonstration carried out in partnership with the tractor manufacturer Wuzheng to highlight how the radial tire technology can not only boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations, but also result in savings of up to RMB 24,000 when farming 5000 mu.

Held in Chanji, Urumqi, China in October 2014, Trelleborg’s field demonstration was attended by hundreds of agricultural professionals and tire dealers as well as local authorities. During the field session, Trelleborg conducted workshops demonstrating to farmers the advantages of radial over bias technology.

The tests were carried out on two Wuzheng 2104 tractors competing over a 200 meter track simultaneously. With one tractor fitted with Trelleborg’s radial TM600 520/85R38 tires and the other with cross-ply technology tires, chronometers measured the time taken for each tractor to complete the track, while two pipes set up to show fuel consumption, allowed calculation of efficiency savings.

Sandy Luo, Senior National Sales Manager for Trelleborg agricultural and forestry tires, says: “the results show that by using a radial tire, farming professionals can save as much as RMB 24,000 when farming an area of 5000 mu. In terms of performance, the high quality and superior features of Trelleborg radial tires guarantee lower soil compaction, greater traction capacity and reduced fuel consumption, thereby increasing efficiency and improving crop yield.”

The cost efficiencies that can be obtained through the overall reduction of operating time and maintenance cost are 14%. Therefore, fuel consumption can be reduced by over 21%. What’s more, utilising a radial tire significantly reduces soil compaction, drastically increasing both the quality and output of crop yields.

From October 28 to 31, Trelleborg presented the results of the field demonstration at the China International Agriculture Machinery Exhibition in Wuhan. “As the largest international agricultural machinery show in Asia, with over 100,000 visitors and 1,700 exhibitors annually, CIAME 2014 provided the ideal platform to show these results and Trelleborg’s extensive high-performance radial tire portfolio,” concludes Luo.

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Trelleborg and Wuzheng Show the Advantages of the Radial Technology During Field Demo in China