Trelleborg Displayed the Most Advanced Agricultural Tire Range and TLC Plus at Agrishow 2019

Trelleborg Wheel Systems displayed its innovative range of tire and system solutions at Agrishow 2019, one of the world’s largest agricultural technology trade shows for agricultural manufacturers, held in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, April 29 to May 3. As a partner, it was also involved in the Trator do Ano Brasil 2019/2020, which took place at the show.

José Carlos Oliveira, President of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in South America, said: “Being the interface between machinery and the ground, tires and tire technology play a critical role in making sure operations are carried out with the highest efficiency, best economy and the least potential damage to soil. The Agrishow is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our most advanced solutions to the Brazilian farmers and operators.”

Solutions on show at Agrishow 2019 included the innovative TLC Plus App, PneuTrac and various tire options designed to improve in-field performance, reduce soil compaction and make the tractor operator’s life easier,

During the show, Trelleborg gave live demos of its new TLC Plus App: an advanced, sensor-based check-up system that measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure. It transmits this information via wireless connectivity to the farmer’s mobile device or PC.

The functions of the new TLC Plus are built on the existing and well-known Trelleborg Load Calculator App (TLC), Trelleborg Wheel System’s first successful load and pressure calculator, which launched in 2011. Now upgraded to the new generation of sensor-based tools, the app helps professional farmers around the world to not only calculate appropriate tire pressures but also to check in real-time whether the machine fleet is actually set with the optimum tire pressures. It also recommends where and when adjustments are needed.

In addition, visitors were invited to discover the PneuTrac, a game-changing innovation that delivers supreme performance on both steep slopes and in muddy terrain, reducing downtime to zero in challenging conditions. Being a hybrid solution, PneuTrac combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort and handling, with the footprint and traction benefits of a track.

The awarding ceremony for the Trator do Ano Brasil 2019/2020 took place on April 30 at the Arena de Conhecimento at 4pm. Trelleborg was a partner of the award.

“As the proud partner of the Trator do Ano Brasil 2019/2020 we strive to contribute to the sustainable growth of modern agriculture, which is why we’re making efforts to support innovation in this sector. The farming industry will become even more important in the next few decades,” added José Carlos Oliveira.

“Smart agriculture and precision farming are taking off, but they will be the precursors to even greater use of technology in the farming world. In this scenario, the Trator do Ano Brasil, in partnership with Trelleborg leads the way in agriculture in Brazil.”

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