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Trelleborg to Showcase Smart Farming Solutions at FIMA 2020

Trelleborg Wheel Systems will introduce its range of smart agricultural solutions to the Spanish market at FIMA Agricola, from February 25 to 29, 2020 in Zaragoza. Visitors are invited to see live demonstrations of Trelleborg’s Central Tire Inflation System, CTIS+ inside, and Trelleborg Load Calculator Plus App (TLC Plus), designed to boost farming efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Ramón Martínez Portillo, Country Manager Trelleborg Wheel Systems Spain, commented: “The agricultural industry is undergoing a remarkable change as emerging technologies reshape farming operations to deliver more sustainable and productive systems. We look forward to sharing our latest innovations that support the new generation of agricultural vehicles with professional farmers.”

The Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside integrates new and advanced components by Trelleborg and Dana Incorporated, with state-of-the-art pressure software intelligence provided by TLC software. This system boosts tractor efficiency, sustainability and operation safety while simplifying the user experience. Adopting the right tire pressure can reduce farming variable costs by over 20%, reducing fuel consumption and increasing traction power and crop yields, while protecting and enhancing the modern farming business.

Unlike existing CTIS systems currently on the market, Trelleborg designed a fully OEM integrated solution with no external parts or pipes protruding from the wheel. The Trelleborg rotary manifold is an innovative component installed within the inner rim, suitable for front, rear, bar axle and flanged wheels. That means minimized risk of system damage or accidents during farming operations, resulting in enhanced safety and productivity for farming.

With the new smart Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS+ Inside), the tractor driver can inflate or deflate the tire pressure directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC).

The TLC Plus is an advanced, sensor-based check-up system, which measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure and relays this information, with recommended adjustments, via wireless connectivity to the farmer’s mobile device or PC.

Integrated with cloud technology, the tools also permit the management of tractor fleets remotely, allowing farmers to assess whether the machines are working with the appropriate pressure from their office. This configuration ensures maximum safety and efficiency for operations on mega-farms and for contractors who operate with large fleets of machines.

The CTIS+ Inside will be displayed in a mock-up of an actual installation on Trelleborg’s stand, enabling customers and visitors to experience the benefits of the system first-hand. For further information on Trelleborg’s range of smart farming solutions, visit stand D07 in hall 7.

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