Trelleborg Looks Forward to Announcement of The Winners Of ‘Tractor of The Year 2019’ At EIMA 2018


Trelleborg Looks Forward to Announcement of The Winners Of ‘Tractor of The Year 2019’ At EIMA 2018

The prestigious ‘Tractor of the Year 2019’ competition partnered by Trelleborg will come to a conclusion at EIMA 2018 taking place in Bologna, Italy, between November 7 – 11, with a special industry awards ceremony being staged to announce the winners.

Launched in May this year with nine leading tractor manufacturers taking part, the competition set out to identify the best performing machines in three different categories.

According to Paolo Pompei, President at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, the aims of the competition organisers align perfectly with those of Trelleborg as a business.

“With a focus very much on the development of responsible technology, increasing the performance and efficiency of agricultural production systems and making this easily available to operators, the competition and its aims very much appeal to us.

“Agriculture is undergoing nothing less than a technical revolution at the moment with new tractors and their integration with electronics and data being very much at the heart of it.

“For Trelleborg, developing the tire technology that link in with these sophisticated machines and systems is both a challenge and an opportunity.”

The company is, however, well down this road with information systems such as VIP (Variable Inflation Pressure) and ConnecTire on show at EIMA alongside more product-oriented developments such and PneuTrac and the new TM1060 range of low pressure tires, he believes.

“It will be a very exciting future and we are delighted to be part of the ‘Tractor of the Year’ project.

“The organisers’ plans for the 2019 competition, which will also be announced at EIMA, are particularly innovative and will make the competition even more relevant and topical with regard to farming in the future.”

Fabio Zammaretti, Chairman of ‘Tractor of the Year’ says the competition is much more than an awards scheme.

“We’re focusing on the pressing issues that face food production and how tractors are evolving to meet these demands. It’s a fascinating area and one which all the main tractor manufacturers are rapidly making significant strides forward in.

“This year, we’ve got four awards in total: ‘Best of Specialised 2019’, ‘Best Utility 2019’, ‘Best Design 2019’ categories and, of course, the ‘Tractor of the Year 2019’.

An international judging panel of 25 respected journalists from across the European agricultural industry’s most influential publications has been examining a range of criteria, he says.

“We’re taking into account overall performance but we’re also looking closely at a range of contributory factors such as transmission, electronics, hydraulics, cab comfort, innovative technical features, options and design.

“In 2019 we will be expanding the scope of the competition even more and have some very exciting news to announce at EIMA as to how we see the competition developing in the years ahead.”

The awards ceremony will take place at EIMA 2018 on November 7 at 14:30.

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