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Trelleborg Forklift Tires

At Trelleborg Wheel Systems, we design, produce, and distribute a wide range of forklift tires and wheels, including solid resilient tires, solid press-on tires, pneumatic tires and polyurethane tires. 

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Tires by type

We’re dedicated to developing, engineering and producing high-quality forklift tires and wheels, so you can improve the way you work day to day. Discover our product range here.

Versatile and specialist tires

Trelleborg has one of the largest ranges of high-performance forklift truck tires in the world, including both versatile and specialist models. Each solution is built for higher productivity and efficiency, to help you boost your business.

Tools & brochures

Whether you’d like to find out where to buy Trelleborg products or download more product information first, our tools and brochures can help.

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