Prime Solutions forecasts an even faster delivery of flexo sleeves

Prime Solutions forecasts an even faster delivery of flexo sleeves

The completion of a major investment programme by Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation at its Axcyl production facility in France will enable shorter lead times of flexo sleeves, according to Dave Johnson, Managing Director of UK distributor Prime Solutions in St Helens. The recent spend includes the commissioning of new oven, grinder and sleeve indexing facilities and is part of an ongoing increase in capacity at the Mirambeau site, which has also expanded the number of skilled employees.

“Prime Solutions has represented Axcyl in the UK and Ireland since 2002, so we have a very close working relationship with the French manufacturer and the corporate headquarters of Trelleborg in Italy,” says Dave Johnson. “This new investment has reduced lead times. In addition, Axcyl’s unique Fast Track service, which was launched at Labelexpo 2015, is now fully operational. This offers lead time of ten working days from receipt of order, on a first come basis, which has proved invaluable to many customers in both the narrow and wide web sectors.”

With 33 years in the flexo industry prior to forming Prime Solutions, Dave Johnson has played a pivotal role in the company being one of the most successful of the 30 Axcyl distributors around the world.

“Growth in the UK flexo sector has remained strong and there is every sign that this will continue, which makes it a very exciting and dynamic market to be involved in,” he says. “More flexo press manufacturers are now recommending the Axcyl sleeve range.

“Trelleborg’s R&D facility is based in Lodi Vecchio near Milan, Italy, and includes technicians and engineers dedicated to Axcyl sleeve technology. This level of expertise, combined with Trelleborg’s Continuous Improvements Programme, has led to the Axcyl brand becoming recognized throughout the industry as a global pioneer in plate mounting sleeves and bridge sleeve technology, in particular the development of carbon fiber bridge sleeves. The company is about to expand its extensive range even further via strategic partnerships and I look forward to the various opportunities this will bring to our customers.”

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