Trelleborg Vulcan Super UV and Printec 8263 at CanTech 2016|Printing

Trelleborg Vulcan Super UV and Printec 8263 at Euro CanTech 2016

Trelleborg Vulcan Super UV and Printec 8263 at Euro CanTech 2016

Trelleborg's printing solutions operation, leading manufacturer and supplier of printing blankets, demonstrates its latest innovative products for can printing at the Technical Conference and Exhibition at Euro Can-Tech 2016 in Berlin, Germany, from April 4 to 6.

The global packaging market is growing fast with the demand for quality metal-sheet printing trending positively. In the past, the most important segment to the industry was printing on solids, but today, excellent dot reproduction for screens and halftones is expected for metal-sheet printing.

The industry as a whole is responding to this requirement by improving the quality of their services. Printing equipment manufacturers have introduced new, more highly automated models to speed up and simplify the process, as well as multiple color machines.

Ink manufacturers have come up with new formulations which assure good coverage in a single pass. In the past, a second pass was often necessary to ensure the density of ink required for a good result.

UV inks are increasingly popular. By now, the majority of jobs use UV printing technology, which offers quick drying and a small footprint.

Trelleborg has designed blankets specifically for this application, which ensure excellent ink transfer and coverage while giving high quality dot reproduction.

Today, packaging printers can benefit from a complete range of traditional Vulcan® Deco blankets, designed for two-color jobs on single presses, or the new Vulcan® Pack-UV, ideal for multicolor presses using UV and non-UV inks. Both Vulcan® blankets offer excellent print quality for halftone reproduction and resistance against edge marking.

“The recently added Vulcan® Super UV represents the premium choice for can printing,” says Matthias Horn, Regional Sales Director for Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation.

“Thanks to our 50 years of experience in manufacturing printing blankets for offset machines, Trelleborg is able to offer a consistent and wide range of blankets specifically designed for metal printing.  The new Vulcan® Super UV is a 1.95 mm thickness blanket for UV multi-color presses.” concludes Horn.

Trelleborg is also showcasing an innovative new product for two-piece can printing. The new Printec® 8263 is a self-adhesive blanket that features a cream layer under the top face allowing better control of engraved designs.

A wide range of Printec® blankets will be shown on the stand, world renowned for their uniform gauge, adhesive consistency, longevity on the press and excellent print quality, required by end users.

The Euro CanTech conference and exhibition brings together global suppliers and can makers and fillers from across Europe. No other event offers the same opportunity to maximize the exchange of ideas between suppliers, can makers and fillers in the region.