Trelleborg received the renewal of WHP Certificate

Trelleborg received the renewal of WHP Certificate

The Trelleborg Coated Systems facility in Lodi Vecchio, Italy received the renewal of the Workplace Health Promotion Certificate, for its responsibility in promoting health and safety practices to be applied in workplaces.

The commitment to improved sustainability in the workplace, as demonstrated by the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) project, has also been endorsed by Assogomma.  The association which represents Italian rubber goods-producing companies has recently awarded Trelleborg for the sustainability recognition at the 70th anniversary celebratory event of last November.

The goal of the WHP project is to improve employee conditions in the workplace (and elsewhere), producing both social and business benefits. The basic elements are the promotion of proper nutrition and a campaign against smoking tobacco. 

In 2014, Trelleborg Coated Systems Italy fully embraced the challenge and reinforced the smoke-free commitment which was launched many years ago by Dario Porta, the President of the Business Area. The team added and implemented additional actions to strengthen the education against smoking and promoted information about healthy eating. “We have been one of the first business in Italy to achieve the certificate” says Gianlorenzo Ferrari, EHS Manager.

“In 2015 we implemented actions on Safety on the road and Alcohol and addiction reduction and we are set to continue in 2016 with other two areas of the ENWHP program: Promotion of physical activity and Sustainable relation between working and family time”, concludes Ferrari.