The world of packaging

The world of packaging

The world packaging market is growing fast, with annual growth of 3% forecast for the years 2015 to 2018.

The overall outlook for the packaging market is thus very positive indeed.

The metal decorating sector is also growing.

And the demand for quality in metal sheet printing has also increased. In the past, the most important segment of the industry was printing on solids, but today, printing on metal sheet must also have excellent dot reproduction for screens and half-tones.

The industry as a whole is responding to this requirement by improving the quality of their services.

Printing equipment manufacturers have introduced new, more highly automated models, to speed up and simplify the process, as well as multiple color machines.

Ink manufacturers have come up with new formulations which assure good coverage in a single pass. In the past, a second pass was often necessary to ensure the density of ink required for a good result.

UV inks are increasingly popular. By now, the majority of jobs use UV printing technology, with its evident advantages of quick drying, small footprint, etc.

Trelleborg has designed blankets specifically for this application, which ensure excellent ink transfer and coverage while giving high quality dot reproduction.

Trelleborg Vulcan products give outstanding results.

Main benefits of Trelleborg Vulcan® offer for metal decorating:

  • Good printing quality (solid & dot reproduction) 
  • Resistance against edge marking : the metal sheet is usually damaging seriously the blanket due to the sharp lateral edges   whenever the metal sheet  has not been cut properly 
  • Significant cost saving: 
                        - Less passes on the press 
                        - More productivity 
                        - Less ink consumption
  • Enhanced printing quality and durability
    Trelleborg Vulcan® Products range for Metal consist of selected blanket, as such

  • Vulcan® Deco, Pack and Pack UV

  • New released: Vulcan® Super UV, 1,95 mm thickness, for UV multi-color presses

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