Manufacturing Excellence in Digital Printing Leads to Excellent Results

Excelência na fabricação de impressão digital leva a resultados excelentes

A unidade de Lodi Vecchio da Trelleborg Printing Solutions obteve altas pontuações de 5S e segurança.

The Trelleborg Printing Solutions facility at Lodi Vecchio reviewed the 5S report for the Digital Printing working areas. Following the previous audit, the local OB Digital team was certified with a 96% score for 5S and an 88% score for safety.

Having room to improve, the local team implemented a series of initiatives focused on identifying tools, methodology and resources in preparation for the next audit.

Focusing on plans aimed at improving the quality and safety of the Inspection & Slitting Area, the local team set themselves a new goal: 100% scores for both 5S and safety.

Alfonso Anfora, who coordinated the full team, thanks all the people involved:

  • Gaetano Mancuso
  • Sergio Rancati
  • Silvia Bergamaschi
  • Gianlorenzo Ferrari
  • Bruno Poretta
  • Massimo Bravi
  • Angelo Bassi
  • Giampaolo Chiama
  • Renato Dosi

Taking this next step in Manufacturing Excellence will be the foundation for our future plans.