Henk Dirksen

In order to cope with his tremendous amount of activities and maximize his profit, Henk  Dirksen, second generation farmer (U.S.),  has focused on automating operations and services.

Kurt Robson

Kurt Robson runs a farming operation in Cisco, IL (U.S.), and is a third generation farmer specializing in corn and soybeans. Spanning five counties, he prefers to run Trelleborg tires for his work.

Rattlerow Farms

Suspension systems and faster top travel speeds mean modern tractors are capable of far higher outputs in the field and on the road. Read about the case of Rattlerow Farms (U.K.).

PMC Harvesters

Norfolk-based pea viner firm PMC Harvesters, U.K, which makes just a dozen or so £385,000 machines each year for UK and overseas markets, has found that Trelleborg is an ideal partner to develop business with.

James Sapsed

Correct tyre and machine set-up, though, are central to getting comparable work results, according to farmer James Sapsed, Herts farm, U.K.

TB Fairey and Sons

Performance justifies decision to choose tires over trucks. That’s the experience of TB Fairey and Sons, one Cambridgeshire farm, U.K.