Blue Farming

Blue Farming

TM Blue™ concept is primarily developed to respect the structure of the soil and preserve its organic life by minimising mechanical damage caused by compression.

Trelleborg TM solutions allow the soil to return to its original state as an “organic reactor”, capable of absorbing air-bound nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water.

Protecting soil and roots 

Trelleborg TM tyres are designed to protect soil from compacting, providing the farmer with higher productivity and thereby ensuring higher crop yields.

Influence of tyres on crops stress – plant losses.

The chart shows the greater respect for the soil of TM tyres versus premium brand competitor.

By increasing the load on the tyre, the plant loss is lower using Trelleborg TM series.

The wide footprint area of the Trelleborg TM tyres significantly reduces soil compaction.Depending on size, inflation and application, the Trelleborg footprint is up to 13% wider than the market average. The wide footprint area of Trelleborg TM tyres gives significantly better flotation characteristics than competitors, distributing the load evenly across the footprint.

Benefits to boost farm productivity

  • Reduced soil compaction for maximum respect of the soil aggregates
  • Air pockets in the soil structures are maintained for plant establishment and absorption of nutrition, ensuring healthy root growth
  • Good healthy roots for reduced stress on the plants and higher crop yields