Multicomponent Technology Consolidating Multiple Functions into One Engineered Part

Changing times call for new innovative solutions. With increasing demands on seals in many industries, multicomponent technology provides the perfect solution when a single component no longer fits the bill.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions multicomponent technology strongly bonds a range of polymers, chosen to meet your specific requirements, into a single component. Unique seal geometries, combining multiple features or seals, are customized to your application. 

Neal Borg, Product Manager for Multicomponent Technology, explains: “Our innovative capability can significantly improve the performance of a sealing component, since bonded pieces, unlike assembled components, are leak-free, lighter weight and more resistant to corrosion.

“In addition, this technology simplifies the handling and assembly processes. Rather than a number of separate pieces, which need to be procured, stored and assembled individually, multicomponent parts need less space and assembly effort, making them a cost-effective sealing solution.”

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