Trelleborg announces major launches of printing solutions at drupa2016

Trelleborg announces major launches of printing solutions at Drupa2016
Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation will use Drupa2016 to launch several offset blankets and digital products, including the new Vulcan Sunrise for HUV printing, Vulcan F2016 for sheet-fed and packaging applications, Vulcan Zenith for commercial sheet-fed applications and the Printec 8263 for two-piece can printing. Other new products will include the Vulcan Solid for banknote production, plus a non-fabric plate for coating and varnishing. In addition, an exciting new App enables printers to select quickly and easily the most suitable blanket for the job or press.

Giorgio Papa, Marketing Director at Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, says: “We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Trelleborg lounge at the Tulip Inn hotel, Dusseldorf Arena, which is located in front of Halls 6 and 7, where they’ll be able to hear about the most recent developments in offset blanket and flexo sleeve technologies, plus free software downloads that will enable them to interact with us more effectively and choose the best blanket for the job. 

“Trelleborg experts and senior management from around the world will be on hand to speak to dealers and printers seeking advice on how to improve the performance of their presses in relation to offset blankets and flexo sleeves.”

The new Vulcan Sunrise is a 1.95 mm blanket, with a dedicated top compound and is specifically designed for the latest UV applications, such as LE/HUV and LED UV. Providing all of the benefits of the Dynatech System, such as excellent smash and edge mark resistance as well as better vibration absorption, Vulcan Sunrise enables first class solids and halftone reproduction, eliminating ink back-trapping.

The new Printec 8263, designed for laser-engraved personalization, is a self-adhesive blanket for two-piece can printing. It has an advanced acrylic adhesive that provides a strong adhesion, while the cream color of the layer under the top face allows more precise control of the engraved design. The blanket offers extremely high mechanical resistance and the top face can be laser-engraved with very fine precision. The three-ply, 1.97 mm thick, Printec 8263 can be removed easily from the cylinder and is compatible with conventional inks.

Vulcan F2016 has a unique fabric layout that ensures excellent compressibility. Recently introduced for sheet-fed applications, the blanket also provides high quality printing of paper and cardboard packaging. Vulcan F2016 is a 1.95 mm blanket that is easy to set up for a wide variety of commercial sheet-fed and packaging jobs, where first class quality print is required. 

Vulcan Zenith is designed for general commercial sheet-fed applications and offers very good halftone reproduction and overall printing quality, plus shock mark absorption and excellent paper smash resistance. The three-ply, 1.95 mm, blanket is compatible with hybrid inks. 

Vulcan Solid has been created to handle currency and metal printing and offers perfect solid printing and ink transfer. The blanket is suitable for fine detail reproduction and has a very robust carcass to ensure stability on press. The 1.7 mm thick, non-compressible, blanket is compatible with conventional inks. 

The Vulcan X-Coat Plus is a new polymer-surface coating plate that does not contain fabrics. It is easy to strip, offering clear and visible lines. The reusable plate eliminates ink back-trapping and is interchangeable with most polymer-surfaced products, without the need to adjust packing or stripes. Features include exceptionally sharp lines on knock-out and very good lay-down of the varnish. The X-Coat Plus plate is compatible with aqueous and UV coatings and available in thicknesses of 115 mm, 135 mm and 195 mm.

The Vulcan X-Coat is a new rubber-surface coating plate that is easy to handle and can be reused. Pre-press features include knock-out areas without strings, fast and accurate CAD cutting, plus easy stripping with clear and visible cut lines. Press room advantages include the elimination of 

fabric patterns, reduced back-trapping and hardness, a softer surface plus consistent coating transfer over long print runs. The X-Coat is available in thicknesses of 115 mm and 135 mm.

In addition to new blankets, Trelleborg will launch several software downloads. These include a ‘configuration’ product that allows users to select the right blanket or coating plate for the job/press by entering the application sector, for example, coldest newspaper, web heatset, sheet-fed for paper, sheet-fed for cardboard, metal decorating, two-piece can printing, along with details of the press model. The software is quick and easy to use and has been designed with the help of blanket experts.

Papa continues: “Visitors to the Trelleborg lounge can view and experience a 360 video on a new coating plate that shows instructions and recommendations on setting up the plate on the press Using 3D glasses, they can view the Trelleborg 360 experience and utilize augmented reality technology to better understand product performance. All of these products and tools will be shown throughout Drupa2016 in the Trelleborg lounge.”

Trelleborg lounge, Hotel Tulip Inn, Dusseldorf Arena, May 31- June 8