Trelleborg Equips Claas Arion and Axos Series During the Roadshow in Turkey

Trelleborg Equips Claas Arion and Axos Series During the Roadshow in Turkey

Trelleborg has been selected as official sponsor and original equipment supplier for all the tractors on show during the Claas Roadshow Event in Turkey. The roadshow started on July 26th and will stop in seven different locations around Turkey to meet approximately five thousands farming professionals.

Trelleborg field demonstrations will be held during the day to showcase the importance of selecting the optimal tire inflation pressure for specific farming operations, as recommended using the Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC).

To do so, 2 Claas Axos 330 tractors, fitted with Trelleborg 340/85R24 TM600 front tires and 420/85R34 TM600 rear tires will run over two 200 meter tracks with different inflation pressures. These two tractors are linked together with a metal rope to a third Arion 650 break tractor. The rope is on a pulley so is free to move, enabling the tractor transferring the most power to the ground to arrive before the other one. The time gap between the two tractors will be measured and a computer application will calculate the efficiency savings.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director at Trelleborg Agricultural and Forestry Tires, says: “Test results will demonstrate the effects of both correct and incorrect inflation pressures on traction performance. By applying the lowest possible pressure as recommended by the Trelleborg Load Calculator app, farming professionals can reduce operating time by up to 17 percent and lower farming costs by up to 25 percent.

“Moreover, soil compaction is significantly reduced. This is expected to be clearly shown by the water infiltration test during the exhibition.”

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