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Trelleborg Announces a New Sales Partner for its Axcyl Range in Germany
Effective April 2014, Trelleborg Printing Solutions, leading manufacturer of sleeves, printing and coating blankets for the offset and flexographic market, announces a partnership with Print &...
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Trelleborg sets to attend Print UV 2014
Leading manufacturer Trelleborg Printing Solutions will participate in the annual Print UV Conference in Las Vegas, U.S., on March 2 to 4. As well as speaking about core UV print processes and tec...
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New design Vulcan Combo Plus
Trelleborg introduces the new Vulcan®, Combo Plus, a three -ply carcass blanket. This new style design increases the performance of the blanket in terms of: - Higher compressible layer thicknessim...
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New Rollin Polycell Plus
The new Rollin™ Polycell Plus with Dynatech System and microsphere structure maintains all the high performance characteristics of the regular Polycell related to printing quality, neutral paper f...
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Trelleborg launches high performance solventless roller head line
Developed to revolutionize the process of coating rubber compounds on various textile substrates, the Solventless Roller Head Line is the latest innovation from industry leader Trelleborg’s printi...
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