The Evolution of Elastomeric Joints in Plastic Pipeline Systems



Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation will deliver a conference paper on the evolution of elastomeric joints in plastic pipeline systems at this year’s Plastic Pipes XVIII conference, Germany. Presented by Product Manager, Julian West, the paper will look at how developments in joint design and materials innovation have had a positive impact on the performance and durability of pipeline infrastructure. Pipe manufacturers, installation contractors and utility companies can learn how to achieve leak tightness from both infiltration and exfiltration in clean water and waste water pipeline systems, as well as gain practical knowledge on reliable pipe jointing. Current material standards will also be covered in the session, as well as physical and chemical stress relaxation using ISO methodology, to predict the long term durability of elastomeric joints.

Julian West, Product Manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in Europe, says: “Improving the performance of pipeline infrastructure demands continuous innovation in both pipes and jointing systems, as well as their method of manufacture and installation. Advances in materials, coupled with improved seal and joint design, and low assembly techniques that eliminate site installation mistakes, play a key role in extending the service life of elastomeric joints. This in turn has a direct effect on reducing overall pipeline infrastructure downtime.”

Attendees can also learn about Trelleborg’s unique high-performance pipe seal solutions by visiting them on stand number 3. Equally effective under positive and negative pressure, the Forsheda 601 Power-Lock sealing system uses an integrated design to eliminate the risk of seal displacement, while providing greater joint reliability and reduced risk of corrosion. Suitable for plastic pressure pipes, the seal is able to maintain a positive sealing force under vacuum to prevent sand or soil entering the joint.

Trelleborg will also be exhibiting the Forsheda 576 Anger-Lock with its unique locked-in sealing system for plastic pressure pipes, wastewater conduit and cast iron fittings. This pipe seal cannot be displaced during transportation or installation and is also approved for contact with cold potable water.

Consisting of a combined lip and compression sealing system, the Forsheda 582 Din-Lock seal meets or exceeds current European standards for wastewater lines, both indoor and underground, and gives low assembly forces to make pipe jointing easier. Leak-free and ozone resistant, this locked-in system delivers high performance sealing for DIN groove and plastic pipes and fittings, for wastewater and cable protection applications.

‘The Evolution of Elastomeric Joints in Plastic Pipeline Systems’ will be presented by Julian West on XXX, at XXX. Visit Trelleborg on stand number 3 to find out how elastomeric pipe seals can help improve the performance of clean and waste water pipe infrastructure.

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