The Lifetime of Pipe Seals


Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has restructured its business to consolidate all products under two solution areas – pipe seals and pipe rehabilitation. The new approach will enable customers to better utilise Trelleborg’s experience and understanding of the whole pipe lifecycle - from manufacturing to installation, maintenance and renovation. 

Bill Hagenberg, Business Unit manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, says: “Whether you’re a manufacturer or a pipe repair contractor, our aim is to make completely leak-free pipes, manholes and connectors entirely achievable. And we will make the process easy from beginning to end, by combining our experience, high performance polymer products and the highest levels of service, under one clear positioning.

“Our team of experts have a track record for product innovation, but they know how to solve business problems too. So, no matter the requirement within the pipe cycle supply chain, we will provide solutions which add integrity and longevity to each water and wastewater pipe project.”

The strategic re-structure will see all of the company’s products consolidated under the two clear application areas, to enable a more logical and accessible product portfolio. This will include the integration of MaxSeals and NPC seals into the pipe seals category.

The industry will now be able to source pipe seal and rehabilitation solutions for its entire pipe cycle needs; and all from one experienced supplier. Creating fewer points of contact and more integrated processes, Trelleborg will enable customers to make quicker, easier and smarter decisions.

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation offers new pipe seals for various pressure and non-pressure pipes and manholes used in portable and waste water applications, as well as “no-dig” rehabilitation solutions for house connection pipes and sewers.

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