Trelleborg shows blanket solutions at ‘UV Days 2017’

Trelleborg shows blanket solutions at ‘UV Days 2017’
Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation has pioneered the development of offset blankets for UV printing and, together with its German distributor/converter Streb, the company will exhibit its latest solutions at ‘UV Days 2017’, which is organized and hosted by German manufacturer IST METZ. The annual event takes place in Nürtingen, Germany, from 15 to 18 May and brings together leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and consumables for the UV printing sector.

Michael Seidenschwang, Sales Area Manager for Trelleborg’s printing solutions, says: “UV is an increasingly important technology in the printing industry. The extensive research and development facilities at the printing solution operation’s headquarters in Lodi Vecchio, Italy, have been pushing forward the boundaries of what can be achieved in regards to offset blankets. 

“We’re delighted to be involved with Streb in IST’s event where we will promote our latest UV products, including Vulcan Sunrise and Vulcan Super UV, as well as selected products for conventional sheet-fed and packaging print such as Vulcan Zenith and the well known Vulcan Folio. Trelleborg is currently going through the application process for ISEGA certification for all of these products.”

Vulcan Sunrise is a 1.95 mm blanket with a dedicated top compound and is specifically designed for UV applications such as LE/HUV and LED UV. Providing all of the benefits of the Dynatech System e.g. excellent smash and edge mark resistance plus good vibration absorption, Vulcan Sunrise enables first class solids and halftone reproduction, while eliminating ink back-trapping – one of the biggest challenges for users of new UV technology. The blanket is suitable for use with direct-drive presses as the Dynatech carcass ensure even power consumption in the drives.

Vulcan Super UV has been created for use on multi-color presses producing metal decorating or packaging. Alongside excellent halftone reproduction and ink transfer, the blanket has very quick release properties and high UV chemical resistance.

Vulcan Zenith is designed for general commercial sheet-fed applications and offers very good halftone reproduction and overall printing quality, plus shock mark absorption and excellent paper smash resistance. The three-ply, 1.96 mm, blanket is compatible with hybrid inks. 

Vulcan Folio can be used in commercial sheet-fed and packaging situations, being suitable for use with paper and cartonboard. The three-ply blanket has good vibration absorption and provides excellent halftone reproduction, durability and smash resistance. It is also suitable for use with direct-drive presses.

“Any printers seeking advice on how to match the offset blankets on their press with the UV technology and inks they are using, or intend to use, can speak to our experts at UV Days 2017 and we will be happy to provide them with guidance. UV curing, particularly the latest energy-saving technologies, offer huge advantages, but it’s vital to match the consumables carefully and that’s where we can help,” concludes Seidenschwang.