Trelleborg sets to attend Print UV 2014|Printing

Trelleborg sets to attend Print UV 2014

Trelleborg sets to attend Print UV 2014

Leading manufacturer Trelleborg Printing Solutions will participate in the annual Print UV Conference in Las Vegas, U.S., on March 2 to 4.

As well as speaking about core UV print processes and techniques, Trelleborg representatives will be on hand to answer any questions and discuss the importance of environmentally-friendly print solutions. 

The conference is a complete learning experience to understand the trends contributing to the high growth within this market segment. Topics include consumables and equipment used in the UV market and the challenges faced by UV printers. 

Max Solomon III, VP Sales and Marketing, Trelleborg Coated Systems US, says: “One of those changes is HUV, a new UV printing method in which inks are dried immediately on the surface of the paper using high-efficiency UV light. It’s being adopted quickly as there are no noxious ozone (O3) fumes and printers can work in a clean, environmentally neutral environment. As a leading manufacturer of printing solutions across various segments, we’ve developed a UV printing blanket that enhances print results when used in combination with the HUV printing process.”

Time is also dedicated at exploring new technologies such as:

  • LED-UV (UV-LED) curing
  • UVE and PFUV for UV Print Applications
  • Freesia for dual UV and Conventional Print Applications
  • Press Ready Coating Blankets (PRCB) available in a variety of thicknesses and pre-punched for easy installation.
On top of this product range Trelleborg Printing Solutions will introduce the preview of the new coating plates, which completes the traditional coating blanket styles.

The new coating plate range includes a complete selection of Urethane, Rubber and  Photopolymer coating plates that are soon to be commercialized.

We invite you to join us in Las Vegas for this informative conference. 

Use the code Trelleborg-2014 to receive a $100 discount on your registration and we look forward to seeing you there!

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