Trelleborg Extends Range of Polyurethane Rollers for Tissue Converting

Trelleborg Extends Range of Polyurethane Rollers for Tissue Converting

Following the highly successful launch of its Rollin Size Master 4 polyurethane glue applicator, Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation is expanding its range of polyurethane roller coverings for the tissue converting sector with the introduction of Pressplast 4. The company has been involved in the process of coating rubber on to rollers and sleeves for this market for more than 30 years and today has the most comprehensive selection available for the production of toilet and kitchen rolls.

Guillaume Bordais, Sales and Business Development Manager for rollers and belts, says: “This new polyurethane product broadens the scope of our engineered solutions and further enhances our ability to offer customers an unrivalled choice that enables them to install the most suitable rollers for their individual needs.

“With this aim in mind, our research and development team has carried out a great deal of work in testing different polyurethane formulations. The coating we have created for the recently introduced Rollin Size Master 4 has resulted in fantastic rebound and durability properties. There has been very positive feedback from customers in terms of ease of roller settings and efficiency at high speed.

“Pressplast 4 is a pressure roller for use on tissue converting lines. Tests are still ongoing, but initial results have been very encouraging, with the anti-static and anti-sticking features keeping the roller clean and free of residual glue. This innovative new roller will be available in a variety of hardness and layer structures, ensuring a flexibility that allows rollers to be more easily matched to the exact requirements of the tissue converting line.”

Rollers provide the last surface to be in contact with the product being manufactured and it is vital that they enable producers to create the combination of thickness, resistance and softness desired. Rollers need to perform efficiently at high running speeds, with around-the-clock production for as long as possible before needing attention. Trelleborg’s rollers are able to achieve this due to the creation of a precise and consistent coating that maintains the same characteristics throughout its lifetime.