Trelleborg Axcyl meets industry need for sustainable packaging & fast delivery

Trelleborg Axcyl meets industry need for sustainable packaging & fast delivery
Interview to Damien Leterrier, Flexo Sales and Application Manager, Trelleborg Printing Solutions

Since some years now, but with an acceleration in 2019, we can observe some clear trends in the world population regarding the environment, global warming and plastic waste. CPCs and Brand Owners are clearly more and more demanding to our industry some solutions for circular economy & sustainable packaging systems resulting in some stretching challenges for our industry!

Damien Leterrier, Flexo Sales and Application Manager at Trelleborg’s printing solutions operations, has been involved in the flexo market for over 2 decades and his position at this leading flexo sleeve manufacturer allows him to identify some industry trends and drive product innovation development.

Thanks to the outside-in approach the flexo team in Trelleborg is able to offer differentiated Technologies and Services that we think provide some answers to those immense challenges.

Based on very stable Epoxy resin system, honeycomb and carbon fibre technologies, the Axcyl sleeve product range of Trelleborg offers outstanding product durability for the printer and can be considered as a sustainable solution.

After substantial R&D efforts carried out in 2018, the recent innovation on Axcyl bridge range allow to extend even further the life span of the products, as well as simplifies significantly product usage for the user.

Further R&D initiatives have been taken aiming to provide to worldwide customers lighter solutions that also will reduce printing press energy consumption thanks to lower sleeve inertia.

Another trend that challenges our industry is Time to Market, which permanently puts printers & converters under pressure to deliver goods to their clients. After the successful launch of Fast Track Service 4 years ago, Trelleborg has doubled this Fast Track capacity in 2019 to allow even more printers to benefit of this Service. This allows companies around the world to have flexo sleeves delivered to their shop floor within two weeks from receipt of their order.