Trelleborg takes environmental commitment to a new level

Trelleborg takes environmental commitment to a new level

Trelleborg, a global developer and supplier of tire and complete wheel solutions for the agricultural industry, has further enhanced its environmental commitment according to the company’s Blue Dimension™ concept.

As part of the initiative, starting from July 2013, Trelleborg will print all promotional materials, such as brochures, leaflets and technical catalogs, using only recycled paper certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), an international certification program that promotes environmentally appropriate forest management. Being FSC® certified shows that Trelleborg complies with the highest standards on the market.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director Agricultural & Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “This pledge underlines the company’s commitment to reducing the total environmental footprint of our product and solutions. Trelleborg is applying a methodology called life cycle assessment (LCA), which is the systematic analysis of the environmental impact of products during their entire life cycle.

“The ultimate aim is to increase environmental performance across the product’s entire life, from design to product recycling. LCA, with its eco-design tool, helps us make decisions on how to minimize our environmental footprint by improving the sustainability of all our operations. It not only allows us to understand where we generate carbon and other gas emissions during the use of our tires, but also provides us with an overall view of every aspect of product life, including marketing and communication activities related to the product, such as leaflets and catalogs.”

The new marketing materials will be showed for the first time at the leading agricultural exhibition Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover, Germany, on November 10 - 16.

Download the entire document of the press release:

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