Trelleborg Italy celebrated the 50th anniversary

Trelleborg Italy celebrated the 50th anniversary

We are pleased to announce that Trelleborg Coated Systems celebrated the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian site based in Lodi Vecchio.

Trelleborg Coated Systems Italy celebrated its 50th Anniversary: 1964-2014  

The open evening was held on a Saturday, October 4th, with all employees and their families enjoying the celebration together with corporate management and local authorities. 

Dario Porta, President of the Trelleborg Coated Systems business area, says: “The 50-year anniversary of the Italian site is an important milestone. Recently, a number of prestigious new projects have come into the Lodi Vecchio factory.

Among these is the new Solvent-free Roller Head Line, our sustainable solution for manufacturing printing blankets using solventless technology. This line allows us to optimize the timing and mode of production, reducing environmental impact and energy consumption. 

On the engineered fabrics side of the business, we continue to develop new solutions that are used in a variety of sustainable applications, including solar and wind power.

“Thanks to our people and organization we are prepared for new challenges and set for success to continue.”