Trelleborg Makes Customers Heroes in New Success Stories

Trelleborg Makes Customers Heroes in New Success Stories

Trelleborg is making its customers heroes with the company’s latest initiative, telling stories of successful project implementation from the point of view of the users. The new Heroes program collects experiences from professional farmers to highlight their issues and how Trelleborg has played a role in solving them. 

The series launches with the story of Guillaume Agneessens, co-owner of Agri Minon, an agricultural contracting company in Belgium. Agri Minon offers a full service, specializing in sowing, harvesting, spraying, monitoring culture, fragmented records and the PAC statement. 

Mr Agneessens says: ‘We invested in Trelleborg’s tires to stand out from the competition, and we’ve been impressed with their performance so far. At the beginning of the season, when we were spreading fertilizer on very damp grass, the TM1060 left no footprint whatsoever. The traction capacity and wear resistance is also very much improved compared to traditional tires.”

Thanks to Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTractionTM technology, the TM1060 range promises to improve farming efficiency with its double lug. The ProgressiveTractionTM Tread boosts grip while the strong base of the lug significantly reduces vibrations. Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progressively releases higher traction when required.

Mr Agneessens continues: “We would certainly recommend Trelleborg’s TM1060 to those contractors who really want to offer a great service to customers. We will definitely be using Trelleborg tires on more tractors.”

To see more about Guillaume’s story, watch his video on the TrelleborAgri YouTube channel.

Trelleborg has created a new webpage to showcase all the customers taking part in the Heroes initiative, which will be kept up to date with new video interviews with Heroes around the world, as they become available.

To see find out more and meet Trelleborg’s full list of heroes, visit:  

The Heroes’ stories can also be found in Trelleborg’s aTtraction magazine app. The aTtraction magazine app brings together industry and company news for the information of farmers and dealers. With testimonials from top farmers, the app offers a first-hand look into the benefits and advantages of operating with Trelleborg agricultural tires. 

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"Trelleborg Makes Customers Heroes in New Success Stories"