New design Vulcan Combo Plus|Printing

New design Vulcan Combo Plus

New design Vulcan Combo Plus

Trelleborg introduces the new Vulcan®, Combo Plus, a three -ply carcass blanket.

This new style design increases the performance of the blanket in terms of:

- Higher compressible layer thicknessimproves reboundability and striking absorption

- Three- ply carcass instead of standard four-ply design increases flexibility and easers handling and machine set up

- Improvement of half tone reproduction and overall print quality

- Enhanced smash resistance

- Increased blanket lifetime

New Vulcan ™ Pack UV for metal decorating applications

Among the Vulcan®, offer, the Vulcan Pack UV is a new addition to our blanket range and has been specifically designed to achieve high printing performances in metal decorating applications.

With a purple printing surface color and UV dedicated top compound, the new blanket provides:

Excellent printing quality in half tone reproduction and ink transfer coverage

Improved resistance against edge marking, specifically when the metal sheet has not been cut properly (sharp and irregular lateral edges of the metal sheet might seriously damage the blanket).

Furthermore Vulcan Pack UV increases the productivity thanks to significant cost savings in terms of:

- Reduced passes on the press

- Reduced ink consumption

- Increased durability