Issues in the Rail and Mass Transit industry

Tackling the most important issues in the Rail & Mass Transit industry

Meet your capacity and utilization concerns head-on while keeping safety, compliance and maintenance front of mind. Trelleborg brings you the latest thinking when it comes to achieving accelerated performance. Explore the resources below to discover more about the issues facing the rail industry.


Learn about the best ways to overcome aging infrastructure and equipment issues to ensure that you’re maximizing capacity and the utilization of your rolling stock.


Discover how to meet your safety and compliance responsibilities while maintaining comfort and refinement for passengers.

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Being on track never felt better

Wherever there is rail, there is vibration and
wherever there is vibration; Trelleborg has the
experience to protect your people, your passengers
and your productivity.


Deploy the most effective measures to reduce unscheduled downtime. Learn more about the latest technologies that offer ease of access and a lower lifecycle cost.

Vector™ Embedded Rail System

Trelleborg has established a range of second generation vibration control solutions for constructing urban railways and metro networks.

Businesses to accelerate your performance  

Trelleborg provides high-performance engineered solutions for the rail and mass transport sector.

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