Issues in the Material Handling industry

Tackling the most important issues in the Material Handling industry

In today’s always-on economy, modern material handling demands safe, long-lasting equipment. Trelleborg’s solutions use the latest materials innovation and engineering expertise to help you operate securely and more productively. Explore the resources below to discover more about the issues facing the material industry.

Increase your productivity

When operating material handling assets in demanding environments you need to identify new ways to reduce operational downtime and improve asset longevity.

Performer Ceramic

The Performer Ceramic hose has been tested in the field by a variety of different users, our results indicate that the lifespan of this new ceramic solution is at least 10 times longer than the rubber hose version.

Consider the safety aspect

Even though material handling becomes increasingly more digitized and automated, safety is still an important part of everyday work. You have to balance process efficiency with enhanced safety solutions to improve handling performance.

We Belive

We believe that the forklift is one of the most important machines in the world and every part of the forklift should enhance safety and performance. We believe in going further to create value in everything we do.

Have full control over your cost management

With increasingly more pressure on today’s businesses to stay cost-efficient without compromising on quality, you need to extend the service-life of handling equipment and reduce maintenance requirements.

Pit Stop Line

The Pit Stop Line, Trelleborg Wheel Systems industrial tire innovation delivers maximum value by ensuring that forklift tires are never replaced early again. Discover how Pit Stop Line can increase site productivity and safety whilst delivering the best value premium tire performance in the industry. 

Operations to accelerate your performance  

Trelleborg has multiple operations providing high-performance engineered solutions to the material handling industry.

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