Issues in the Buildings and Construction industry

Tackling the most important issues in the Buildings & Construction industry

Creating sustainable environments where growing populations can live, work and move around is challenging. Trelleborg’s long-lasting solutions are designed to maximize life of infrastructure while minimizing disruption.


Rapid urbanization of towns and cities, means solutions to make densely populated environments comfortable are vital.

Noise and Vibration Isolation Webinar

Find out how noise reduction can be built into structures with isolation bearings.

Sky Tower Wroclav


Sustainability is a key focus for building designers and sealing can improve thermal performance, lowering energy use.

Function comes before material

Explore the sealing solutions that are helping architects reach their sustainability goals.

Risk management

In many infrastructure applications, failure is not an option and whole of project life is fundamental.

Constructing a bored tunnel 

See how bored tunnels are constructed and way the seals that keep them watertight are installed

Businesses to accelerate your performance  

Trelleborg has multiple business units and product areas providing high-performance engineered solutions to the buildings and construction industry.

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