Issues in the Agriculture industry

Tackling the most important issues in the agriculture industry

Increasing yields from the land and forest, while minimizing environmental impact is a priority. Trelleborg’s focus on continuous innovation helps you meet these challenges and obtain efficiency gains. 

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Increasing yield

Increasing productivity from the land is a balancing act between power and respect for the soil.

Trelleborg VIP. The Precision Farming Wheel

The VIP™ system is a smart and autonomous complete wheel capable of self-adjusting the pressure of a combine harvester’s tire during operation according to its precise load, optimizing the tire’s footprint in order to reduce soil compaction.

Sustainable farming

Innovation for sustainable farming is essential for the future of the agricultural industry and our planet.

A Sustainable Future for Farming

Understand why our future relies on farming that is sustainable and can maximize yield.
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Cost management

Technology and innovation can lower overall costs for the farmer and agricultural equipment operator.

Businesses to accelerate your performance  

Trelleborg has multiple business units and product areas developing and producing high performance solutions for the agricultural industry.

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