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TM600 Rice

The ideal solution for muddy terrains with increased road performance

The original tread design of the new Trelleborg TM600 has been developed for customers needing a tire that covers the gap between the R1-W and R2 tread types.

TM600 RiceThe new TM600 is the ideal solution for producers looking for versatility in their operations needing a tire for heavy, wet field operations and light road use.

Product plus:
  • Overlapping lugs in tread center for a smooth ride and high wear resistance
  • Increased tread depth +20% compared to standard R1-W
  • Increased lug distance +11% compared to standard size
  • Interlug terraces to keep tread cleaner longer and quicker clean out
  • ProgressiveTraction extra lug step +30% larger lug base, enhancing stability
  • Reduced number of lugs to increase traction and self cleaning


From instructions and advice to tips and sizing details , these PDFs cover all the information you will need on the TM600 Rice. 

TM600 Rice

The ideal solution for muddy terrains  

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Visual Folder

Trelleborg tires and complete wheels solutions  

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Pressure Table

Technical Data  

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Mobile Tools and Apps

Boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations  

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THK Trelleborg High Knurling

Trelleborg High Knurling The perfect match  

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Technical Data

For the full pressure table, click “ + “ next to the size

Tire Description Section Width Overall Diameter Rolling Circumference Speed Radius Index Rim Permitted Rims Nominal Pressure Tread Type Type Pressure Table

159 A8 (159B)










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