Forestry Tractor Tires | Trelleborg Wheels

Forestry Tractors

Trelleborg-Forestry-Tires-Agro Forest T410_1024x575
T410 Agroforest
  • Reinforced sidewall to guarantee minimum impact and perforation
  • Special lug shape to ensure excellent grip and traction in tough terrain
  • High level of stability during heavy applications thanks to the shoulder design
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Trelleborg-Forestry-Tires- T418Skidder_1024x575
Forestry Skidder T418
  • The perfect solution for heavy-duty skidding logging service
  • Maximum cut, tear resistance for longer life time
  • Deep and strong lugs that provide and maximize traction and strong grip
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Trelleborg-Forestry-Tires- Twin Forestry T414_1024x575
Twin Forestry T414
  • Excellent traction without using any anti slide device
  • The angle of the lugs gives extra pull force and brilliant accessibility
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Wheels & Rims
  • Trelleborg is a leading manufacturer offering complete wheels with a diameter ranging from 3 inches to 54 inches
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