Trelleborg Upgrades Its Flagship Line TM1000 to ProgressiveTraction®

Trelleborg Wheel Systems upgrades TM1000, its flagship tire designed for high power tractors enhancing the tread with the highly successful multi-award-winning ProgressiveTraction® technology. This technology releases additional power to the ground and reduces stress on the soil while boosting the performance of the machine for road applications.

Piero Mancinelli, Global R&D Director Agricultural Tires, Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “The demand for higher farming productivity drives the continuous development of new engines and transmissions for medium to high power agricultural machines. The ProgressiveTraction® tread design was conceived to cope with the latest generation of machinery, increasing the efficiency in the transmission of the power to the ground, from the engine to the field while reducing soil compaction. At the same time, the special double-edged tread design was engineered to decrease the tread vibration contributing to lower energy dissipation, minimizing fuel consumption while extending the life span.”

To showcase the extraordinary performance standards reached by the new technology, a Massey Fergusson MF5610 tractor, equipped with the ProgressiveTraction®   tires reached the South Pole on December 9, 2014 during the Antartica2 mission. On deep snow and ice, the new technology provided an extraordinary grip at an extremely low pressure, up to 0.3 bar. The ProgressiveTraction® was honored by a number of innovation awards worldwide including ‘Machine of the Year 2014’ at Agritechnica, ‘Best New Innovation’ at Lamma 2015 and ‘FINOVATION’ at the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show.

In the following three years, Trelleborg began the implementation of the new tread design for medium power tractors on its new TM700, TM1060 and TM3000 tire ranges. The outstanding performance of this innovation has been showcased during extensive road show programs around the world.

Depending on tire size and tractor ranges, when compared with standard technology, the ProgressiveTraction® showed an increase of up to 10% in traction capacity, 3% lower fuel consumption, and an extended tire life of up to 5%.

“The customer appreciation and demand for the new tire design keeps exceeding any initial expectation and is encouraging the fast implementation of the new feature on the entire Trelleborg range. The new TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® will gradually upgrade the current TM1000 High Power line in the coming months,” says Mancinelli.

More power to the ground implies higher stress on the tire. “Even with additional power transmitted to the ground, the new tire carcass withstands and offsets stress on tires.  We have taken the decision to upgrade the tire line to VF technology, enabling a higher load capacity of up to 40% when compared to a standard tire, or up to 40% lower pressure on the field, reducing soil compaction,” concludes Mancinelli.

The new tire range will be unveiled during the SIMA Exhibition at Paris Villepinte from 24 to 28 of February, in Hall 7, stand C021.

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