Trelleborg unveils its revolutionary CTIS+ Inside jointly developed with Dana at Agritechnica 2019

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is proud to unveil the New Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside at Agritechnica 2019, jointly developed with Dana Incorporated. The New CTIS+ Inside is a full OEM integrated central pressure control system. This allows the tractor driver to inflate or deflate the tire pressure directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) software.

The new system upgrades traditional functionalities of available CTIS systems in the market. Piero Mancinelli, Agri & Forestry Tires R&D Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “The Trelleborg CTIS+ integrates new and advanced components by Trelleborg and Dana with state-of-the-art pressure software intelligence provided by the Trelleborg Load Calculator. This boosts tractor efficiency, sustainability and operation safety while simplifying the user experience”.

During the inflation operation, the TLC algorithm instructs the Mechatronic Control Unit (MCU) by Dana which independently controls the distribution of air pressure for each wheel, through the Trelleborg manifolds installed on each inner rim. The Trelleborg manifold prevents air leakage between the stator and the rotary elements thanks to its advanced design which includes the Trelleborg in-house developed rotary seal. Finally, the air reaches the tire chamber through the advanced wheel valve developed by Dana which avoids the risk of tire leakages during operations. During the deflation, the TLC software and the MCU instruct the wheel valve to release tire pressure according to the recommended values.

The standard configuration of the system includes a rotary manifold and a wheel valve for each tire, one MCU along with the set-up of the TLC Intelligence on the tractor control systems. Mancinelli adds: “The system provides professional farmers with huge benefits. Unlike existing CTIS systems currently in the market we designed a full integrated solution with no external parts or pipes sticking out from the wheel, both for the rear and the front axle. The Trelleborg rotary manifold is an innovative component installed within the inner rim, suitable for front, rear, bar axle and flanged wheels. That means zero risk of system damage or dangerous accidents during farming operations, resulting in enhanced safety and productivity for farming”.

In addition, The CTIS+ was designed to be smart and easy to use by the operator. After the machine is configured using the TLC Software, depending on the selected operation, farmers can see the actual and recommended tire pressure from the cabin monitor. By clicking on the “Adjust Pressure” function, farmers can instruct the system to adapt the pressure according to the recommendation.

Mancinelli adds: “In terms of speed to adjust the tire pressure, depending on layout configuration and machine, the system can adapt the pressure as fast as 0.33 bar per minute. Overall, we estimate that the adoption of CTIS+ can easily reduce farming variable cost, such as fuel and manpower, by as much as 20%.”

Trelleborg is working closely with leading tractor manufacturers to make the system available during the configuration of new tractors. “Our ambition is to make the new solution accessible to farmers for the new generations of tractors and agricultural machines by the end of 2020. In a second stage, the solution will be also available for aftermarket, as a retrofit system,” concludes Mancinelli.

The CTIS+ Inside will be officially launched at a joint press conference with Dana November 11th, at 10.00 am on Trelleborg’s stand Agritechnica (Hall 20, booth A04). The press event is open to customers and visitors and will be live streamed on the company’s website and social channels for those that don’t attend the exhibition.

In addition, during the exhibition, the CTIS+ will be displayed on a real mock-up installation at Trelleborg’s stand enabling customers and visitors to experience the benefits of the system first-hand.

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"Trelleborg unveils its revolutionary CTIS+ Inside jointly developed with Dana at Agritechnica 2019"

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