Trelleborg Displays Broad Range of Innovative Tire Solutions at EIMA 2018

Trelleborg Displays Broad Range of Innovative Tire Solutions at EIMA 2018

Trelleborg will be bringing together a range of product innovations at EIMA 2018 designed to improve in-field performance, reduce soil compaction and make the tractor operator’s life easier.

Paolo Fogagnolo, Country Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Italy, says the developments are very much in line with the company’s core objectives of developing leading edge tire technology to help improve efficiency of use and sustainability in modern farming systems.

“Agriculture is changing with increasing demands put on equipment and a growing need for all in the industry to be mindful of environmental needs and protect the natural resources we rely on.

“As the interface between machinery and the ground, tires and tire technology play a critical role in making sure operations are carried out with the highest efficiency, best economy and the least potential damage to soil.

“Much of this is down to operator education and our technical teams spend many hours with our customers talking about correct tire choice, management and inflation pressures for different tasks, but new technology can play a leading role too.”

One of the most exciting of these developments is Trelleborg Pneutrac, he believes.

“Pneutrac combines the benefits of a radial tire with those of a track, reducing ground pressure considerably and offering unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain with minimum downtime.

“This is achieved by a unique ‘Omega’ shape to the sidewall which gives the tire incredible flexibility, so it produces an extra wide footprint to minimise soil compaction whilst simultaneously being capable of sustaining high loads.”

Another introduction that could have a significant effect on the management of soil compaction is Trelleborg VIP (Variable Inflation Pressure) system, Fogagnolo says.

“VIP is a smart solution capable of automatically monitoring and adjusting the tire pressure of a combine harvester during use to ensure the right pressure is always used, at the right time and in the right place.

“By responding to the precise load at any given time, tire footprint is kept constant with trials showing a 10.5% reduction in soil compaction and a 5% gain in crop yield when compared with a standard wheel.”

Trelleborg ConnecTire is a sensor-based system designed to improve tractor efficiency through monitoring tire pressure and minimizing tire slippage on the rim, he points out.

“ConnecTire constantly monitors tire pressure and temperature with data relayed to both the tractor and farm computers via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

“You simply set your target tire pressure and should this value deviate significantly, from this, ConnecTire alerts you via its app so you can make adjustments as necessary. It also informs you, if it detects tire slippage.

Trelleborg’s TM1060 tractor radial tire featured on the EIMA stand is also designed to help reduce potential soil damage, he adds.

“TM1060 is a new design that features exceptional sidewall flexibility to enable the tire to run lower inflation pressures to minimise soil damage.

“This means you can also carry either the same load at lower pressure or a higher load at the same pressure when compared to the same size in Standard or IF technology.

“TM1060 has a classical Trelleborg tread pattern with wings maximising the width to enhance the footprint whilst the dual angle design increases traction. All in all, it’s a great tire choice for medium to large tractors.”

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see a Trelleborg TM1000 High Power tire with the famous ‘Grignani’ name on it to show how the company’s new YourTire online tire personalization service works.

“With YourTire, customers simply visit our dedicated website and with four simple clicks they can choose to have their own name on their new Trelleborg radial tractor tires,” Fogagnolo says.

“It’s a bit of fun but it also helps brand their business and show partnership with Trelleborg by demonstrating we share common values of innovation, optimum performance, sustainability and customer service.”

All these developments will be featured in greater detail at the Trelleborg Press Event taking place on November 7th at 17.30 on the Trelleborg stand no. A5 in Hall 14’