Tractor Driver of the Year 2022

On November 19, Trelleborg announced the winner of the fourth edition of its unique “Tractor Driver of the Year 2022” competition, which was held at the Cremona Circuit in Italy.

Conceived and organized by Trelleborg, the unique "Tractor Driver of the Year" is a competitive event which brings together agricultural professionals from all over Italy to test their skills. Drivers are rewarded for their ability to maneuver agricultural machinery equipped with Trelleborg tires in the shortest time. The Cremona Circuit, a professional racetrack, is the ideal setting for this competition. 40 tractor drivers from every region of Italy challenged each other in technical tests to demonstrate their talent and win the title. This year it was won by Alberto Allegretti, from Pegognaga (Mantua).

The contestants performed four challenging tests in the field: maneuvering, hoisting, reversing & maneuvering with a trailer, and stability. The stability challenge showcases Trelleborg’s PneuTrac®, a hybrid solution between a radial agricultural tire and a track, known for its excellent performance on both slopes and muddy terrain.

Trelleborg's technical partner for this competition was New Holland, providing all tractors used for the competition; in particular, the New Holland T4.120F SuperSteer tractor, equipped with PneuTrac® tires, in sizes VF 420 / 70R28, VF 280 / 70R20, both front and rear.

Alessandro Mazzolini, Managing Director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Italy, stated: "At the ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ event we had an exciting day dedicated to friendly competition among tractor drivers. They had fun and were able to field test their skills and Trelleborg tire solutions, while proving the performance of both. At Trelleborg, we have a strong focus on the end user and all agricultural professionals. In the fourth edition of this competition, we are really happy to see the increasing involvement of all tractor drivers who consider our competition a regular appointment in their calendars."


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