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Twin Forestry T440, Eurl Bédère - France

“Since the start in 1998, my company Eurl Bédère has been focused on logging in south-west France. We’re located in the small municipality of Orx, at the heart of France’s largest forestland.

Two years ago, I invested in a new eightwheeled Ponsse Scorpion King harvester with a full 286 horsepower. The machine was delivered in June 2016 and we chose to equip it with Twin Forestry T440 tires from Trelleborg.

The Ponsse Scorpion King is a fantastic machine with a productivity of about 250 cubic metres of timber a day. Features that really distinguish this machine are the comfort, the amazing panoramic view and the stability, despite its weight of 22.5 tonnes.

But not even a Ponsse Scorpion King works optimally without perfect grip and traction. That’s why I chose the new Twin Forestry T440 tires and I’ve been satisfied with my choice since they first touched the ground.

What I like most is the ProgressiveTraction™ technology with double lugs, which offers both improved traction and greater load capacity. Also worth mentioning are the transverse grooves that help increase traction too. The steel reinforcement and considerably reduced risk of punctures are also clear advantages.

The landscape around Orx is comprised of sand dunes and muddy slopes along the banks of the Adour. I don’t need to use tracks here because the grip of the T440 tires is sufficient.

So to summarise, the Twin Forestry T440 offers an excellent combination of grip and flexibility. Since they were fitted, the tires have rolled problem-free for more than 1,400 hours and still look new.”

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