Eucatex Brazil | Trelleborg Wheels

“Eucatex is one of Brazil’s largest manufacturers of products for the construction and furniture industries, such as laminated flooring and MDF panels. Each year, the company produces some 1.5 million cubic metres of timber, which is a high production figure. That’s why we need tires that offer great performance in different types of terrain.

The three skidders we have at our facility in Botucatu, in the state of São Paulo, are all fitted with Trelleborg’s Skidder T418 tires. What’s more, we’ve just fitted our forwarders with the Twin Forestry T440 and T480 tires. We chose Trelleborg because of the high quality and the cost advantages offered in the field.

Working effectively in the field requires tires that can cope with many different ground conditions. This is a requirement that Trelleborg fulfils, thanks to advanced technology that enables excellent performance and evenly distributed ground pressure, which also means maximum grip. Moreover, the Twin Forestry T440 and T480 are both self-cleaning with compatible tracks and offer high traction for demanding forestry work.

These qualities make Trelleborg’s forestry tires the most cost-effective on the market.

We’ve never had any problems with tires from Trelleborg and their performance has exceeded our expectations.”

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