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December 20, 2014 
15:20 CET, Novo Runway, Antarctica: Triumphant Return to Base Camp for Antarctica2 Expedition to South Pole! 

28 punishing days on the ice for Antarctica2 team see them complete their journey in time for Christmas, arriving safely back at Novo Runway on the Antarctic coast today.

In accomplishing the mission, the MF 5610 has become the first standard farm tractor equipped with agricultural tires to reach the Geographic South Pole overland.


December 18, 2014
The Antarctica2 tractor expedition is now on the home-straight, back from the South Pole.
In the latest message from the ice, the team reported that they were at Camp 24 (South 77 degrees) and had been travelling through endless fields of sastrugi ice-waves. The tractor had clocked up another marathon 24-hour hour drive of 311 km and was “still out there.” That leaves just 850 km to go. 


December 15, 2014 
Tha Antarctica2 tractor expedition is a constant challenge, but the team has already completed 850 km of its return journey.


December 14, 2014
The Antarctica2 tractor expedition team is already making good progress on its long and punishing 2500 km journey back from the South Pole to base camp at Novo Runway. But the latest big challenge is a dense ice-fog which has dramatically reduced visibility.


December 11, 2014
Antarctica2: Going where not tire has gone before
Find out more about the tires developed for the expedition, watch the new video
"Antarctica2: Going where no tire has gone before"on Youtube/Trelleborgagri


December 9, 2014
Trelleborg and Massey Ferguson conquer the South Pole!
The Antarctica2 expedition team arrived at the South Pole today, after a gruelling 2500 km ice-journey.
All are safe, well and in high spirits.


December 5, 2014
How to wash Dishes -  5 December
While in Iceland earlier this year, the Antarctica2 crew took part in lots of training in preparation for their Antarctic expedition.  
Here, Sarah shows us how the team goes about washing dishes while in the Antarctic! Watch the new video Day 9 of Antarctica2: Daily update from Nicolas


December 4, 2014
Tractor 4 DecemberConditions are still tough for the Antarctica2 expedition as it gets closer to the South Pole.
Tha tractor has been up against temperatures as low as -56 C.


December 3, 2014
The tractor is half-way to the South Pole!
On reaching the 1250 km mark, 'Tractor Girl', Manon Ossevoort said: "The journey to the halfway point has been hard, so I am very relieved to reach this stage. Driving conditions have been really difficult but the tractor and the whole team have coped magnificently. It's incredible to know that every hour we drive, we are closer to the Geographical South Pole."
Good progress thanks to Trelleborg
After yesterday’s challenging soft snow, the MF 5610 tractor is making good progress thanks to the Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction tires.


December 2, 2014
A new update from Nicolas Bachelet, Antarctica2 Lead Mechanic, on the exciting expedition to the South Pole is available on Youtube/Trelleborgagri

December 1, 2014
To cope with diverse ice and soft snow conditions varying from low to extremely low temperatures, Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction tires boost grip through ultra-deflection of the carcass and a wide footprint, at very low pressures.





November 30, 2014   
Nicolas Bachelet, Antarctica2 Lead Mechanic gives us an update on the ninth day of the Antarctica2 expedition.
To watch the video, go to Youtube/Trelleborgagri


November 28, 2014
Antarctica Team explains how to set up the tractor tent.

To watch the video, go to Youtube/Trelleborgagri


November 25, 2015
While waiting for the trailer to arrive, Manon and the Antarctica crew investigate their surroundings for an alternative view of Antarctica.

To watch the video, go to Youtube/


November 24, 2014
Expedition encounters Sastrugi and Solar Storm. 
These atmospheric conditions are similar to those which create the incredible Aurora in northern latitudes. Satellite phones and the Iridium satellite communications system, which delivers images and data from ice, both went down.


November 23, 2014  
The Antarctica Team covered more than 90km in ten hours in sunny conditions and at temperatures of minus 16 degrees C.


November 22, 2014
19:55 CET, Novo Runway, Antarctica: after three years’ meticulous planning and preparation, the exciting Antarctica2 tractor expedition departed into the vast icescape today for its 5000 km journey to the South Pole and back. 


November 19, 2014
MF 5610 polar tractor lands in Antarctica.
Transported in a IL76 heavy-cargo aircraft, the tractor landed at Novo Runway from Cape Town.

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