Trelleborg Successfully Completes the Spanish Stop of its RoadShow 2016


Trelleborg Successfully Completes the Spanish Stop of its RoadShow 2016

In October, Trelleborg successfully completed the Spanish stop of its 'Road Show' 2016, in Arevalo, Avila in the presence of more than 400 professional farmers. During the one-day event, a field demonstration highlighted the importance of choosing a suitable agricultural tire to increase overall efficiency and the productivity of farming operations through an optimized footprint distribution and tire pressure.

Two New Holland T7.245 tractors, faced the clock over a distance of 125 meters. The first tractor was equipped with TM1060 tires in sizes VF 710/60R42 and VF600/60R30 with a pressure of 1.0 bar, while the second one was fitted with TM800 High Speed, 540/65R30 and 650/65R42, inflated to 1.5 bar pressure. 

The two tractors were linked together with a metal rope to a third New Holland T7.315 break tractor. The rope was on a pulley so it was free to move, enabling the tractor transferring the most power to the ground to arrive before the other one. The time gap between the two tractors was measured. 
On the finish line, a time saving of 1.07 minutes were achieved by the tractor equipped with VF TM1060 tires.
With Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTractionTM technology, the new range TM1060 provides improved efficiency of agricultural work thanks to its double edge. The ProgressiveTractionTM tread pattern, exclusive to Trelleborg, enhances traction while significantly reducing vibration.

Carrying heavy loads at very low pressure, the TM1060 range generates an extra-large footprint area, for maximum respect of the soil, more efficiency and better productivity. The demonstrations showed a footprint area of 18.6 percent higher on the tractor mounted on TM1060 VF tires.

Trelleborg works closely with leading tractor manufacturers to develop complete solutions, enabling the best combination between tractor and wheels, to maximize investment and accelerate agricultural work.
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