Trelleborg Partners New Holland at Campi di Innovazione Field Event


Trelleborg Partners New Holland at Campi di Innovazione Field Event

Trelleborg was selected as official sponsor and original equipment supplier for all the tractors on show during the New Holland “Campi di Innovazione” Event in Maccarese, Italy on September 7th to 9th.

More than 400 visitors, including professional farmers, tractor dealers, trade media, as well as the Italian Minister of Agriculture, attended the event.

With the aim of showcasing and presenting new technologies and service solutions for precision farming to professional farmers, the event provided several field demonstrations during the two days.

Numerous Trelleborg demonstrations in the field highlighted the importance of choosing a suitable agricultural tire to increase overall efficiency and the productivity of farming operations through an optimized footprint distribution and tire pressure.

To do so, a New Holland T7.315 HD tractor was fitted with two different rear tires: on the left hand side there was a 710/75R42 TM900 High Power inflated at 1.8 bar, while on the right hand side there was an IF 900/60R42 TM1000 High Power inflated at 1.0 bar. The footprint area and soil compaction was measured for the two tires.

An average 40 percent wider footprint area resulted for the TM1000 High Power. In addition, water infiltration test demonstrated showed that by applying the lowest possible pressure, as suggested by the Trelleborg Load Calculator App, soil compaction was significantly reduced. This means that the soil returns to its original state as an organic reactor, capable of absorbing air-bound nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water. As a result, farming productivity per hectare increases significantly.