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Cotton Pickers

Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM3000_1024x575
  • Maximise the load capacity of the tire at low inflation pressure
  • It is the right choice to boost harvesting productivity
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM700_1024x575
  • Well known for its perfomance and versatility
  • Capable of optimising the tractors efficiency during its whole life cycle
  • High level of handling and comfort on the road
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TM600 rice
TM600 Rice
  • Reduced number of lugs to increase traction and self cleaning
  • ProgressiveTraction extra lug step +30% larger lug base, enhancing stability
  • Increased tread depth +20% compared to standard R1-W
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Trelleborg-Forestry-Tires-Agro Forest T410_1024x575
T410 Agroforest
  • Reinforced sidewall to guarantee minimum impact and perforation
  • Special lug shape to ensure excellent grip and traction in tough terrain
  • High level of stability during heavy applications thanks to the shoulder design
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  • TM90 range offers a complete range of sizes for tractors between 50 and 160 HP
  • Excellent traction in all field conditions further enhanced by the interlug terraces
  • The wide lug nose assures extra life on surface
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Wheels & Rims
  • Trelleborg is a leading manufacturer offering complete wheels with a diameter ranging from 3 inches to 54 inches
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