Podcast – Insights and Beyond: The Future of eMobility

Part 2 of our eMobility podcast episode is available now! Together with our experts Axel Weimann & Christoph Ulusoy we talk about how sustainable, convenient mobility could look; which role electrification plays in this process and which technologies are currently missing to achieve this vision…

Is a Mentality Change Needed in our Society?

We look into the question whether eMobility makes sense technologically, but is far too inconvenient for everyday life to catch on. Where do we need to start rethinking: design of roads, connectivity of infrastructure and road users...? What other changes in consumer attitudes and behavior are needed? Also – is it possible for everyone to charge an eVehicle where they live, or at least nearby?

We also talk to Axel Weimann, Regional Director Automotive Europe & Director Global Segment Automotive, Trucks & Transportation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, about the biggest challenges and opportunities in working with manufacturers on eMobility - and why the term "refuel" may soon no longer exist. 

Discover more about these issues in this episode of Insights and Beyond – the Podcast from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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