Hydraulic Seals Linear Metric Catalog Updated

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Stay up to date with the latest products for demanding hydraulic applications.

Withstanding the pressures, temperatures and media encountered in hydraulic systems can be challenging for seals. Choosing the correct combination of products and materials to match application conditions extends service life and performance, making them more reliable and efficient. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has for decades refined and expanded its offering to present a complete range that meet the needs of nearly any industry.

From Rod and Piston Seals, to Scrapers, Wipers and Wear Rings, the Hydraulic Seals – Linear Metric catalog offers a comprehensive guide for engineers. It guides you through the broad variety of materials and seals, from specification and design to ordering and installation. The latest update offers a more streamlined product selection, only listing the most important and useful products for hydraulics applications. Selected seals have been removed and replaced with improved solutions, and many corrections, clarifications and drawing improvements have been made to present the most complete product guide on the market.

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