Podcast – Insights and Beyond: Artificial Intelligence Needs a Common Language

In this episode we talk with our guest, Dr. Sven J. Körner, CEO & Founder of thingsTHINKING, about semantic AI technology. FORBES magazine describes the young company as "brains with artificial intelligence". Most recently, they were awarded the distinction of "AI Champion Baden-Württemberg".

The Application of Semantic Technologies in Industry

 Sven Körner reveals the 1st rule of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gives us an insight into exactly how semantic AI works and how AI can understand us correctly.

Dr. Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, Director Digital Transformation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions discusses how artificial intelligence can enable new business models and business fields for companies.

We also talk about major AI trends such as lingual word embedding and transfer learning – and how realistic this concept really is.

Discover more about these issues in this episode of Insights and Beyond – the Podcast from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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