Seals and hoses for Trucks -

Sealing profiles to sustain long term quality

Commitment one is to ensure what we promise is what we deliver. Solutions for heavy duty vehicles like trucks are filled with trusted knowledge reassuring our customers that the sealing and damping profiles will do their job silently day after day. Trust us to be turning and twisting the answer to your challenges by questioning the shape or exploring the material choices as we love to provide you with solutions beyond products. 

Seals for trucks, recreational and utility vehicles

The sheer variety of applications demands a sealing partner with extensive capabilities and experience in the field. Expertise in material technology and application allows us to work with you, from the earliest stage of the project, to find a functional, cost-effective solution.

Hoses & Tubes

We will work with you to develop a hose or tube customized to meet the expectations of quality - maintaining elasticity and transporting fluids without leaking. Our quality certificates tell you that we know how to work with your expectations and needs on quality.


We offer a variety of innovative damping products and material solutions for the vibration isolation of automotive cables, window regulators and fuel tanks.  Our dampening products isolate vibration and noise during vehicle operation.  Our field-proven polymers and design expertise can provide you with the best damping solutions.


Our high precision “push-pull” cable protectors are used in the majority of vehicles manufactured in North America.  Protectors are made of EPDM, Urethane, PVC, TPV and silicone and are used in the mounting and routing of control cables.  Products can be manufactured with low coefficient-of-friction surface coatings to provide abrasion resistance and protection from chemicals, heat, wear and weathering.

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