Extruded Milk Hoses -

Food approved extruded rubber & silicone hoses

Trelleborg's sealing profiles operation is a leading supplier of rubber milk hoses. Providing both project unique solutions and flexible hoses for serial production. We know what it takes to secure the functionality of a milking hose, proving itself every day. We love to support you with solutions beyond products. We develop our own materials approved for BfR (BgVV) and FDA standards for milk carrying tubing.

Milk hoses

We co-operate with OEM customers in the development of hoses for the food and health industry. Developed polymer technology together with application know-how makes it possible to meet the precision levels demanded in respect of surface finish, circular cross section and size tolerances. Increasing concern among consumers and specifiers about the risks associated with pollution, and the presence of more aggressive industrial and domestic effluents, both demand ever greater care in the design of food related equipment.

Rubber profiles in agricultural applications

The agricultural environment is often demanding and call for reliable solutions with a long service-life. We provide a number of soulutions for various agricultural applications all customized to specific needs. Benefit from our proven know-how in materials and engineering, talk to us about your challenges.

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