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Tested products D3630 & L3450

We introduced the new window seals for wooden windows at the Fensterbau Frontale 2016 exhibition. High quality seals with documented test values from the institute of IFT Rosenheim in Germany. Since then these sealing profiles have continued to show their good qualities in several projects.

Innovative two-in-one solution D3630

When it comes to a building's energy efficiency, the airtightness and watertightness of the windows is crucial. Wooden windows are generally fitted with several different seals that perform different functions. Window manufacturers are increasingly moving to make the grooves for casement rebate and overlap seals with a standard width of 3 mm. We have recognized this trend and developed a seal that can be used for both applications: the D3630 profile is a casement rebate and overlap seal in one and makes the use of two different sealing profiles redundant.

System solution L3450

Modern seals in wooden windows must now meet various requirements. They must be able to protect against moisture and driving rain, as well as dirt and noise. The synergy between seal and window is especially important from an energy point of view; it is only when both components are perfectly matched to one another that they prevent cold and draughts from penetrating. One millimetre determines whether the window and window seal fit together. It is only when the seal fits precisely into the specially designed groove that a reliable level of airtightness and watertightness can be ensured.

Test report from IFT Rosenheim

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D3630 and L3450
Trelleborg extruded profiles for wooden windows

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