Long Trelleborg career

A long career in finding lasting solutions

If there is one person who epitomizes Trelleborg’s long experience as a  sealing solution provider, it is Jörgen Pettersson, who has worked at Trelleborg Sealing Profiles in Värnamo for 50 years.

He has seen a lot of changes during his working life with the company, but one thing has remained constant: he has never tired of his role in helping customers find the optimum sealing solution. After joining Trelleborg in 1966, Jörgen took the opportunity to join the sales team in the 1980s.

“It has always been stimulating. It was the challenge of being out in the field that appealed to me at the start and the best part of the job has always been getting out and meeting people, and finding solutions for them.”

“I have been in the nuclear power station at Oskarshamn and sold seals for the canal locks in Trollhättan. Whatever the application, it is all about finding the right quality to provide a lasting solution. We are a little like doctors on call, we are there whenever customers need us.”

Canale in Sweden

Jörgen says the industry has changed with increasing speed over the past 50 years.

“Nothing is really the same as when I started. The main material used to be natural rubber, but now there are more synthetic materials. Our seals are assembled in a different way now and there are new requirements in terms of the environment and fire protection.”

He stresses that nowadays customers rely much more on suppliers to provide expertise on materials for specific applications.

Jörgen Pettersson, who celebrated his 50th anniversary with the company earlier this year, is set to retire in 2017, but has no worries about being unoccupied in the future.

“I’m interested in sports such as football and floorball, and I am also keen on hunting. And as I have grandchildren who share my interests, I don’t think I will have any problem filling my time.”

He has already decided that there will be no winding down of his Trelleborg career before retirement.  

“You can’t reduce the hours gradually in this job, it will have to be a clean break – otherwise I will want to come back.”

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