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Granules for compounding
Meet a compounder
Tell us something about yourself I have just turned 40 years old and I have been working as a Material Development Engineer in Forsheda, Sweden, for the past five years. Have you always worked wit...
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Skyscraper Mock-up and testing
Mock-up and Testing
“Sealing profiles are vital components in skyscraper facades. They are integrated into the metal frame of glass facades, providing a seal and protective barrier between the insulating glass and th...
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House with solar panel roofing
Solar panels & Innovation
The solar panel market is hotting up and material expertise enables Trelleborg to deliver exactly the right compound for sealing profiles to withstand extreme heat and demanding conditions, says P...
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Orange county Performing Arts Center in CA
Meet a product engineer
Tell us something about yourself I joined Trelleborg in 1993 and I work as a product engineer for Trelleborg Sealing profiles in Cleveland, U.S. How would you describe your role?  My prima...
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Trelleborg employee with profiles
Long career
If there is one person who epitomizes Trelleborg’s long experience as a  sealing solution provider, it is Jörgen Pettersson, who has worked at Trelleborg Sealing Profiles in Värnamo for 50 ye...
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Trelleborg seals in Sky Tower Poland
Sky Tower
Trelleborg designed highly sophisticated, customized seals for the Aluprof aluminium facade systems used in Poland’s tallest building.  “There are very high demands placed on the...
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Swedish wooden house with girl and window
Two-in-one solution
Trelleborg recently launched a unique two-in-one seal for wooden sash windows that covers the job previously done by two different sealing profiles.  Trelleborg Sealing Profiles, a leading sp...
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Trelleborg seals for buildings and construction
Hi-rise architecture & Energy saving
Trelleborg sealing profiles are keeping the glass facades of buildings airtight worldwide and helping society meet increasingly stringent regulations for saving energy, not least in Germany.  ...
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